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"RayAnn Care" was established as a tribute to three remarkable women whose profound impact on the lives of children left an indelible mark. Their unwavering strength and deep love for their families were evident in their tireless efforts to provide for their loved ones and themselves.
At "RayAnn Care," we hold a deep commitment to prioritizing mental health alongside physical well-being, mirroring the remarkable resilience displayed by these extraordinary women. We recognize that true care extends beyond the practical aspects to encompass emotional and psychological support.

Mission: Our mission is to provide comprehensive support that goes beyond the surface, elevating our clients' spirits and nurturing their emotional well-being. We do this by adhering to the principles of compassion, respect, and understanding, fostering an environment where our clients feel valued and cherished. Our dedication to mental health as a core component of our care philosophy empowers individuals and families to confront life's challenges with resilience and positivity, ultimately enhancing their overall quality of life.

Vision: We envision "RayAnn Care" as a beacon of comprehensive care excellence, where each person we serve receives not just care but also compassion, understanding, and empowerment. Our unwavering commitment to mental health and emotional well-being is the driving force behind our vision to create a world where everyone can lead healthier, happier lives. Inspired by the remarkable women whose legacy we honor; this vision guides us as we continue to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those we touch.

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Meet Dr. Sonnier

Dr. Cindy Sonnier is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with a passion for supporting individuals, families, and communities in their journey towards healing and personal growth. In a career that spans over 10 years providing unwavering support to the psychotherapy field, Dr. Sonnier has developed a comprehensive understanding of various mental health issues and innovative therapeutic techniques that effectively address them. Dr. Sonnier currently maintains a tele-health private practice that provides supportive services to communities in North Carolina and Florida.

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